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MOOCs –Passing Fad or the Real Deal?

Due to their potential to creatively disrupt the well-established Higher Ed business model, Massive Open Online Classes (MOOCs) are catching the eye of both Higher Educators and tech-savvy professionals. Hiles (2013) suggested that MOOCs are the “Next Big Thing” with … Continue reading

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Virtual HRD and Related Literature

This is a listing of some currently gathered literature on Virtual Human Resource Development (VHRD) from a number of sources that might be useful: Year Title Type Citation 1998 Virtual HR: Strategic human resource management in the 21st century Journal … Continue reading

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Informal Adult Learning in Simulated and Virtual Environments

Increasing learning and performance is at the heart of Virtual HRD and organizations must leverage contemporary technologies to strategically enable informal adult learning. By examining sophisticated technologies such as computer simulations, Internets, Intranets and robust virtual environments (RVEs), Bennett (2011) … Continue reading

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