Pinterest as Productivity Tool

One way to keep current in today’s workplace is to frequently peruse web content for new and interesting ideas, including news articles, blogs, and social media. A new method to easily save and share useful web content is by “pinning” it on the social network, Pinterest.

Pinterest (  launched in 2010 and was recently ranked third most used social media behind Facebook and Twitter (Knapp, 2012).  Originally dominated for home use, such as saving recipes and home décor tips, its utility now extends to professional use because of the ease of saving and sharing web-linked images. Essentially, Pinterest is a social bookmarking tool where users have a main “board” where they can either use pre-made categories (“pinboards”) or customize categories for their “pins”. A pin is a digital object such as image or video either from a website or uploaded by the user. Like other social networks, users can collaborate by following other users, share content, tag objects, and make comments. Also, Instructors might consider utilizing Pinterest as an informal learning tool that can also create community in online courses (Delello, 2012) as well as generate new ideas for relevent content.

Pinterest is free to users but an account is required. To join, you will need an invitation from a friend or you can visit and click “Request an invite” and enter your email address. Pinterest requires Facebook or Twitter to create a new account. However, once the account is created, you can easily unlink from your Facebook/Twitter account and log in with your email address instead.  Pinterest “apps” are currently available for mobile devices such as the iPad and iPhone with other mobile access through . The “power of the pin” is becoming increasingly useful for integrated learning and productivity.


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  1. Pinterest announced this week that an “invite” is no longer required…just your email address! So, go to and try it out!

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