Augmented Reality for Virtual HRD

By definition, Virtual HRD is about leveraging technologically integrative environments for increasing learning capacity (Fazarro & McWhorter, 2011).  Augmented reality (AR) has been posited as a likely place to examine Virtual HRD (Mancuso, Chlup & McWhorter, 2010).

At its essence, Augmented reality (AR) is “the layering of digital information on top of the real world, usually using a webcam, computer, tablet or smartphone…increasingly being used for marketing and retail” (Wehner, 2011, p. 110). For instance, AR can be used to preview fashion and other items for online shoppers: 


or, to preview a college  prospectus that comes to life:

or, just for fun to build community:

And, a new medium for literacy….a pop up book that comes to life with technology:

According to Wu (2011) smart phones are changing customary text-based access to information that is primarly visual-based. There has been  explosion of apps for mobile devices for AR that include vision, orientation and location technology changing the way we access information.

AR is being adopted by the military for instantly transferring technical training information


and, AR is being researched for medical training to see how organs and systems work within the human body.

While virtual reality allows users to see an invented world, AR allows the user to see the real world with added relevant information.  It is this layering of information that shows promise for building the learning capacity and work processes of individuals, groups and organizations….thus enabling Virtual HRD.


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