What is Virtual HRD?

What is Virtual HRD?

Virtual HRD is a new area of inquiry examining how sophisticated technologies are affecting the way we do business.  Three definitions for Virtual HRD have been offered:

1. McWhorter, Mancuso & Hurt (2008):

“A process for developing and/or unleashing human expertise through training and development (T&D) and organization development (OD) by utilizing technology-enabled environments for the purpose of improving performance” (p. 1151).

2. Bennett (2009):

“A media-rich and culturally relevant web environment that strategically improves expertise, performance, innovation, and community building through formal and informal learning” (p. 364)

3. McWhorter (2011):

“The process of utilizing technologically integrative environments for increasing learning capacity and optimizing individual, group, community, work process, and organizational system performance” (p. 3)


Bennett, E. E. (2009). Virtual HRD: The intersection of knowledge management, culture and intranets. In G. McLean, Y. Cho, & E. Cho’s (Eds.), HRD’s Role in Knowledge Management, Advances in Developing Human resources 11(3), 362-374.

McWhorter, R. R. (2011). Scenario planning as the development of leadership capability and capacity; and virtual Human Resource Development. A dissertation. Texas A&M University.

McWhorter, R. R., Mancuso, D. S., & Hurt, A. C. (2008). Adult learning in a virtual environment. In T. J. Chermack, J. Storberg-Walker, & C. M. Graham (Eds.), Refereed proceedings of the 2008 AHRD International Research Conference (pp. 1148-1152). Bowling Green, OH: Academy of Human Resource Development.

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